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How are we going to improve the governance of climate change adaptation?


1. By improving adaptation knowledge and its availability through the enhancement of AdapteCCa:

  • Increasing the quantity, quality and information flow of the platform.
  • Incorporating a new series of functionalities and a new structure within the platform.
  • Through workshops to promote and disseminate the use of AdapteCCa.

2. Capacitating, communicating and raising awareness on adaptation:

  • Six training courses aimed at: local government technicians, scientific-technical professionals and university teachers.
  • Organization of informative breakfasts with journalists and communication professionals on specific relevant issues related to adaptation.
  • Production and dissemination of 30 adaptation narratives (micro-documentaries and illustrated stories) based on real case stories related to impacts, vulnerability and adaptation.
  • Production of a travelling exhibition on adaptation to climate change.
  • Organization of the first Iberian Conference between Spain and Portugal on Adaptation (2020).

3. Reinforcing cooperation and coordination among key agents:

  • Promotion of public-private agreements for the integration of adaptation in the private sector.
  • Organization of six seminars on especially vulnerable sectors with multistakeholder involvement.
  • Establishment of a cooperation framework between Spain and Portugal to strengthen the exchange of information on shared vulnerabilities and identify priorities for common actions;
  • Strengthening the linkage with the European Environment Agency through synergies between AdapteCCa and Climate-ADAPT.

4. Evaluation of the National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (PNACC) in Spain


Additionally, LIFE projects include specific actions for the management, monitoring, coordination and communication of the project.